So, what’s doing in upstate NY?

Campaigning, that’s what.

In my constant devotion to DailyKos Elections, I read all their short and entertaining narrations of how specific campaigners are promoting themselves.

(Here’s the link to their new 2018 elections portal — quick view of what polls are indicating.)

Today, I managed to close my mouth after reading about what indicted GOP CA house member Duncan Hunter’s smear ad was saying about his opponent (too insane to repeat but do feel free to take a look). Then I grabbed these two comments about my own state’s campaign affairs:

NY-19: Watching the first few seconds of the latest NRCC ad attacking Democrat Antonio Delgado, you might wonder if this spot actually isn’t going to go all racist, but have no worries: It quickly describes him as “big-city rapper Antonio Delgado,” while calling him a pawn of Nancy Pelosi and Andrew Cuomo who wants voters to basically give up their first-born in order to pay for a “radical government takeover of health care.” It finishes the same way, with a shot of Delgado with his face partly obscured by a hoodie, the symbolism of which needs no explication.

NY-24: Republican Rep. John Katko has a new ad where he talks about working to keep the local lakes safe and clean, though the spot is put together a bit oddly. The commercial features a typo in the on-screen text that declares that the congressman is a “booster of bipartanship.” Katko himself also talks about the importance of clean water by saying “We bathe in it. And make baby formula with it,” which makes it sound like he’s talking about the same bathtub full of water!

Am I being too too optimistic to think the GOP is disintegrating before my very eyes? Am I?

P.S. Katko is leading. Not in spelling. Or coherence.


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