So what’s going on? Are the Democrats DOING anything?

Pretty much every day, as I read New York Times’ readers’ comments on various articles about politics and what’s happening in Washington, DC, I run into the same passive aggressive attitude, thoroughly larded with clichés: “The Democrats don’t know how to play tough, they’re wusses, they keep bringing knives to a gunfight, McConnell owns them…”

And on.

I’m not going to waste time re-explaining the way Congress works — you know, the reality of needing a majority to get things done, including needing a majority to get rid of the filibuster, blah blah, and how you only get to vote for your own representatives so, though you may wail away, you don’t actually get to remove via our process called democracy any other representative you may not like. Unless you intend to move to, say, West Virginia.

Instead of relo, sign up for Twitter. Or if you already are on Twitter, make sure you’re following your two senators and one representative. At least.

You might also try following the Democratic leaders in the House and Senate, and maybe any representatives from other states whose brilliance and passion during the two impeachment hearings and trials impressed you mightily.

Because you will find out precisely what the Democrats are doing. Terrific bills are being written and introduced and described by a whole bunch of Democratic members and heads of committees.

Other Democratic senators and representatives have been employing Twitter to take on the GOP and political lies. (You know, it’s almost as if the Democratic Party is organized.)

The process of governing, in short, is broadcast amply, clearly and loudly by members of the Democratic Party. Instead of complaining that they’re doing nuthin’, try reading about everything they are doing.

They’re doing a lot and have broadcast their specific intentions to do even more.

It’s pretty radical.

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