Some animal news…and Mars

From Harper’s Weekly Review:

…a male baboon in Australia escaped captivity during a vasectomy operation and fled the facility in the company of two females. Thieves in England left behind a duck at a store they had robbed; it was reported that China planned to send at least 100,000 ducks to Pakistan to combat swarms of crop-attacking locusts; 40,000 Africanized bees living in the eaves of a Howard Johnson’s swarmed the hotel’s patrons, according to a Los Angeles County beekeeper, after they were “set off” by “some activity, noise, vibration”; and studies reported that Mars was vibrating.

I kept that last thing about Mars in here because, although Mars is not known to be an animal, its vibration does relate to the previous item about the bees and vibrations. That is, maybe Mars was vibrating because of whatever possible vibration caused the bees to swarm the Howard Johnson’s patrons.

Or not.


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