Some animal news — as long as you include homo sapiens as animals

From Harper’s Weekly Report:

Scientists in Hungary accidentally mated sturgeons and paddlefish, creating a new hybrid dubbed the “sturddlefish.” “It was unintentional,” acknowledged a member of the team.

But what do they call the roe?

Venetian gondoliers reduced the maximum capacity on gondolas from six people to five, citing an increased number of overweight tourists. “Advancing with over half a ton of meat on board is dangerous,” said the president of Venice’s substitute gondoliers’ association.

The Sri Lankan Civil Aviation Authority announced a research project that would attempt to prove that Ravana—the legendary king who, according to the Ramayana, flew an aircraft called the Pushpaka Vimana—was the world’s first aviator. “This is not mythology,” said the authority’s former vice chairman. “It’s a fact.”

An anonymous person returned a rock to state park officials in Colorado, claiming that “bad things have been happening” ever since it was stolen.

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