Some animal news for the New Year

I had to blink a couple of times when I saw this.

Uh. A walrus attacked and sunk a Russian Navy landing craft. In the Arctic.

I read on. This wasn’t just some ordinary run-of-the-mill walrus; it was a lady walrus, with calves or pups or whatever babies are called in walrus. Still, take a look at the boat. It is big, bigger than a breadbox, bigger than a walrus.

You’re all begging for my favorite line from this piece, right?

The [Russian Ministry of Defense] said: “Serious troubles were avoided thanks to the clear and well-coordinated actions of the Northern Fleet servicemen, who were able to take the boat away from the animals without harming them.”

They took the boat away from the animals.

The short article from CNN doesn’t quite explain how she, a/k/a the animals, did it. Maybe because they were getting the news from a Russian medium and maybe Russia does not want everyone on the planet to know how a walrus can sink one of their boats.

Meanwhile, I think we should all drink a New Year’s Eve toast to the walrus. She did good.

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