Some peculiar animal news: hippos, cuttlefish & woolly mammoths

From Harper’s May 2021 Findings:

Ecologists were concerned about the colonization of the Magdalena River by Pablo Escobar’s hippos…

Remember the exodus of Pablo’s hippos? No? Remember Pablo? OK, this link will remind you of why Pablo’s hippos are creating an ecological mess in Colombia.

Cuttlefish are capable of delaying gratification.

Doesn’t say of what.

Humans and woolly mammoths coexisted in Vermont.

Doesn’t say when. (Made me think about Bernie’s mittens, I don’t know why.)

mammoth | Definition, Size, Height, Picture, & Facts | Britannica

Woolly mammoth.

Bernie Sanders talks about mitten memes from Inauguration Day on Seth Meyers

Bernie Sanders with mittens.

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