“Son, let me into my apt.”

With that poignant head, the Daily News tells us about a 92 year old woman who had temporarily to leave her East 56th Street apartment β€” worth maybe $1.1 million β€” for a stay in a nursing home.

While she was away, her son Michael, who by the grace of his mother lived in the apartment with her, changed the locks on the doors and when his mother left the nursing home, barred her from the apartment, and made her go to Maryland to live with her other son. Who said, “It’s her place. She owns it 100%.” He’s the nice son, obviously.

So poor Ms. Gregori has filed a lawsuit against Michael, the really not nice son. Yes, another real estate co-op apartment lawsuit. Boy, I hope the court fast tracks it.

(Didn’t I see this story the other night on C.S.I?)


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