Songs from the Resistance!

My brother went to the rally in Union Square yesterday, and returned with a sheet of songs — anthems, really — for the times we live in.

I’ll give you my faves and I want to hear all of you singing.

Here’s the first downbeat:

America the Pitiful

(Sung to “America, the Beautiful” but you figured that out, didn’t you?)

So pitiful, the NRA: A cult of guns and greed.
And Congress only blocks the way & watches while we bleed.
America! America! One hundred die each day
In suicide and homicide, and all we do is pray.
So pitiful, the KKK: Still marching in their sheets!
While Michael Brown and Freddie Gray
get murdered in the streets!
America! America! You just can’t get it right—
Why can’t we see equality for black & brown & white?
So pitiful, the toxic Trump: You lie with every word.
You Russian whore, you stupid chump. Your cabinet is absurd!
America! America! It’s just a TV show—
It’s comedy and tragedy. How could we stoop so low?

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