Songs of the Resistance! “Over the Rainbow”

I can hear Judy Garland singing this. Actually, I’d rather not hear Judy Garland — I never liked her singing.

So, group, lift up your voices to the rainbow! So I don’t have to hear Judy Garland singing this.

Somewhere over the rainbow, love trumps hate.
Black lives matter to all, and Muslims can immigrate.
Somewhere over the rainbow, we rejoice—
Women get equal pay and make their own goddamn choice!
Somewhere there is no Cheeto Czar,
and all the fascist fucks are far behind me!
There’s health care when you have an ache, and Christians
have to bake gay cake with Hot! Pink! Icing!
Oh, somewhere over the rainbow, kids run free—
They’re not locked up in prison, ripped from their families…
But facts are not alternative:
Let’s bring the rainbow here and fight to live!

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