Speaking about elections, MediaMatters warns us about NYT coverage now

MediaMatters, a non-profit to whom I give money, critiques media. It’s through them I get wind of what crazy critters like Sean Hannity, Jeanine Pirro and Alex Jones are spewing.

And MediaMatters has been a chief critic of the New York Times coverage of Hillary Clinton and her campaign. I have pretty much always agreed with MediaMatters re Hillary — and I’m a thorough and careful Times reader, always carving the facts out of the coverage.

Today, Matt Gertz at MediaMatters informs us all of the elevation of one of the Times’s major journalistic irritants, Patrick Healy, to the position of political news team leader for the 2018 midterm elections.

So, oy. Because the article gives detailed evidence — and infuriating reminders — of the lousy job Healy did on Hillary Clinton. Ergo, we all have to watch what the Times now does covering the midterms, especially women running for office, since Healy’s snarky misogyny was showing with Hillary.

So read the article but don’t weep. Save the tears. Let’s all get steely eyed (free trade steely) about the potential crapola. And let’s write to the Times whenever we see the bad stuff.

And now, since I’ve been warned, I’ll pick up and post anything that particular bugs me in the Times coverage.

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