Stapling the god problem in Louisiana

It ain’t called the Bible Belt for nuthin’.

From Lowering the Bar (and Jerry Coyne also picked up on this story in Why Evolution Is True): Legislature Debates Which Holy Bible Should Be Its Official State Book – Lowering the Bar.

Here’s my favorite segment of this story:

…Carmody [the Louisiana whosit preparing this major bill about this apocalyptic issue] says he wants to make a specific individual Bible the official state book. He explained later that when he started thinking about which¬†Bible should be the state Bible, he decided it should be the oldest one in the state. That’s apparently the one above. There are problems, though. For example, it doesn’t make any sense. How could you “use” any book (let alone one that is 500 years old) “on official documents of the state”? Are staples involved?

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