Still with the dark cloud

Yes, after yesterday — the one day of sun and spring suggestions in many a week — today is raining hard and cold.

I thought I’d spend the day listening to music, reading the New York Times, and standing at my newly installed, splendidly clean windows while watching the rain pound against them. I.e., dirty them up and this before I’ve been told how to wash the outsides.

So I’d been planning a day of gray contemplation, until I walked into the kitchen and realized I’d forgotten to buy eggs.

Sundays are egg days. Without eggs in the fridge, I almost became a three-year-old, screaming and yelling. Instead, I simply groaned, and spat out, “No eggs, damn it!”

So I pulled on the heavy socks which came with my heavy English rain boots, pulled on the heavy English rain boots, put on a jacket and wound a scarf around my neck; found my umbrella. Pulled on my all-encompassing hooded raincoat, and stomped out. For eggs.

I’m back now. It took me as long to get out of my rain clothes as it did to ensconce myself in them.

Soon there will be eggs! Soft-boiled, which is the most purely eggy eggs can be.

An under-the-cloud observation: journalists and pundits bravely and grimly attempt to pin down the strategies underlying the chaos spewing out of the White House. I know they must do this; it’s the job.

But as I see it there is no strategy. There is a disintegrating character with a lifelong achievement of failure and malevolence, who was shoved into the White House by cynical, ugly forces; remnants of those forces are in a deadly competition to control him. Nobody can. The center cannot hold because look what’s in the center.

On the peripheries, virtually every Cabinet member is ethically, intellectually and experientially compromised, each selected for their incapacity to do anything but grave damage to the agencies we depend on for our health and well-being.

If you read as much about politics as I do, you’ll pick up a firm statement of “policy” from a Cabinet member — a position that will be contradicted within a few hours by the crazy empty shell in the Oval Office. Every day such surreality bends the mind.

Our government lies under a mud slide of record proportions.

Yet today I read of another court decision against the EPA’s attempts to delay putting into practice what they’re supposed to be doing — guarding our environment.

And the Democrats both in the House and Senate have been introducing bills to seal up the gaps in our laws which have allowed this bunch of criminals to sleaze through. As long as the Senate is GOP controlled, nothing will come of these bills. But they are written, they have been introduced and will be in the fast-action hopper when sanity once again controls.

So…back to the Times, my rain splattered windows, Prokofiev’s wittiness, and eggs.



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