‘Storage Wars,’ the Lawsuit!

O joy o rapture unforeseen! Well, not really “unforeseen,” since my eyes search daily for  wacky wonderful lawsuits to tell you about. But for weeks now, nothing. I’ve been longing for Bubba the Love Sponge Clem and all the brouhaha he creates and keep hoping, hoping he will make further appearances on Sidebar.

But yesterday and today, the Daily News and their TV editor Don Kaplan came up trumps, with…

A bombshell lawsuit filed by a former reality show star [who] claims the show is fraudulent and that many hidden treasures that were found gathering dust on A&E’s “Storage Wars” are actually planted by producers to add drama.

I am shocked. Shocked. Shocked, partially because I’ve never watched “Storage Wars” but now that I’ve been apprised of this lawsuit claiming fraudulence, I’m shocked that anybody has ever believed that “reality” shows are, um, “real.” I.e., not fraudulent.

Anyway, “Storage Wars” guy named Dave Hester “claims producers axed him from the show, when he complained to network brass, alleging that producers fraudulently stashed valuable items among the junk in storage lockers.”

This is a big deal, right? Right? Nah. But it’s funny and weird and this story was compounded by the follow-up story, during which a “Storage Wars” contingent snipes back at Dave Hester: ‘Storage Wars’ sources: Yuuup, Dave Hester’s been a pain in the past – NY Daily News.

And that’s my report. I have a strong feeling Dave and A&E will have much more to say in the future. I will of course keep you up to date with this major lawsuit. Unless, of course, Bubba the Love Sponge comes back. Because his name and shenanigans always make me laugh.

P.S. There’s a little picture of Don Kaplan on top of the stories. He, too, looks like he had a good time covering this.

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