“Strip club” and “youth hockey league” in one NYLJ headline???

As I’ve frequently noted, I am unable to get full stories from the New York Law Journal; a subscription to it costs the sort of fortune only law firms can–and must–afford.

So what I get every day are abstracts of Law Journal stories. Mere suggestive snippets.

Sometimes those snippets are intriguing. Here’s what I found yesterday:

Court Says Strip Club Managers Not Defamed in TV Report; Youth Hockey League Not Liable for Spectator Assault

Joel Stashenko, New York Law Journal  

The Court of Appeals ruled Oct. 25 that the managers of a Manhattan strip club were not defamed by a CBS local news report linking the club to organized crime and a Rome youth hockey league was not liable for an assault on one spectator by another.

Now, if I remove my love for absurdity from this item, I am forced to concede that Mr. Stashenko is most likely summing up some Court of Appeals rulings in one story. Although it disgruntles me to admit that it is highly unlikely the managers of a Manhattan strip club have anything whatsoever to do with a Rome, New York–upstate–youth hockey league.

Still, it’s tantalizing, isn’t it?

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