“Stripper gets boot from apartment”

Don’t know about you but I’ve been waiting for the next bad roommate shoe to drop. (I’m so so sorry about that pun.)

And here it is, via the Daily News! I’m going to extract some yummy little quotes from the article:

A Nickelodeon songwriter wants a judge to evict her pot-smoking stripper roommate, a fact her roommate learned first from a News reporter.

Source: Alleged pot-smoking stripper gets the boot from apartment – NY Daily News

[Alicia] Angel’s suit says that in the seven months they have lived together, [Erin] Reed, 32, has smoked an “excessive” amount of marijuana, plotted to sell it to others in the building, failed to notify management of increases in her income and violated building rules by playing loud music and falling asleep in the lobby.

“I don’t know what the situation is, to be honest. You guys are informing me about something I didn’t even know,” Reed told the News of Angel’s eviction effort.

As Reed spoke, Angel — who co-wrote the theme to the “Dora the Explorer” spinoff “Dora and Friends” — stormed out of the building and started arguing with Reed on the sidewalk.

Daily News reporters and ust have been grinning ear to ear. I mean, what a gift for this story!

“I did file it. I filed it because she has a lot of behavior that’s risking my being there, you know, like bringing drugs into the apartment, smoking when it’s a non-smoking building, using the wrong elevator when she’s not supposed to use that. She knows. We’ve talked about it,” Angel said.

Yes, those are troubling things.

An annoyed Reed said,”Why are you talking to the News?”

Because, Ms. Reed, I LOVE THESE STORIES…which appear only in the Daily News.

Angel told her she hadn’t planned for her to find out about the suit the way she did.

“I’m trying to have you served the papers, but you’re not home — it’s a very legal thing,” she said.

It’s a “very legal thing”? Love that expression, Angel.

“A very legal thing.” Sounds like an old soft rock song, doesn’t it?


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