Sue Catsimatidis – don’t vote for him

John Catsimatidis’s politics are the key reason I never shop at Gristedes. I’d never turn my bucks over to a man who is one of Rudy Giuliani’s best friends.

Now that Catsimatidis is running (again) for office—New York mayor, in fact—it can’t be great for his electoral chances that the Daily News just published this, about a “$1.4M sex-bias settlement to hit mayor hopeful ‘Cats.'” Seems he’s had to settle with “female workers who claim they were discriminated against due to their gender.”

Of course, Catsimatidis “pointed out that he and his company admitted no guilt by agreeing to the settlement…” Yeah, well, that’s the point of settlements, isn’t it? The defendant gets to say he’s admitted no guilt while his payment loudly admits guilt.

The more important statement is this:

“I know I won’t vote for him,” snapped Lakeya Sewer, 33, a plaintiff who said she was demoted in 2006 from an office job to a cashier position after returning from maternity leave. “Anybody who wants to vote for him should do some background research.”

I agree, Lakeya. And congratulations.

A new feature in Sidebar: when I post something about a lawsuit, at the bottom of the post I’ll give you the names of any lawyers mentioned in the article. Just in case you happen to be looking for a lawyer for a similar lawsuit.

Plaintiffs’ lead lawyer: Rachel Bien


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