Surprised to look through my draft posts

Rather than vacuum my microduster or perform other minor tasks around my apartment, yesterday I determined to look through my vast-ish collection of draft posts and vacuum the ones which are meaningless to me.

I’ve been doing this blog for fourteen years; thus I found quite a number of post ideas I’d plunked into my draft folder because, well, I’m not too sure.

What was I getting at with that list of unrelated names, meant to be a prompt to some profound consideration? No idea. Lots of links to NYT articles which certainly had significance back in, oh, 2012 and still do but why did I think I had something original to say about those stories?

Yet I also found some fierce jabs at the Koch network, over which I’d been expressing alarm for a while in published posts, and those drafts have remained relevant, even visionary, but since plenty of more prominent citizens have taken up the war against Kochism, I feel I can lay down my arms for now.

But then I ran into some stuff I still feel strongly about. So, once again overlooking my looming vacuum which glares at me whenever I walk past it (how did a mechanical device develop eyes?), I’m going to dip into some drafts which still resonate.

Like this one…

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