Sweet news/sour news

I generally half-watch, half-listen to national news every night from one TV network or another, although I realize TV network news is in essence not much more than headlines.

But each national news show does something very sweet: at the end of the daily half hour, there will be a short segment covering a personal, heartwarming human interest story,  called, variously, “America Strong,” or “Made in America.” Sometimes these stories are genuine tearjerkers. That is, I will tear up, and I am no sucker for sop.

So I guess I love good news stories, the kind readers of the Daily News are always begging for in letters saying, “The news is so awful! Why can’t you print good news stories?” Well, Dear Fellow Daily News Readers, a newspaper’s job is to tell us the news and disasters are news. Sweet stories are generally not.

Yet occasionally even the Times will have a story that causes my eyes to overflow in saline solution.

Yesterday there was this:

Source: Girl Scouts Troop Will Expand to 15 Homeless Shelters – The New York Times

But today I wiped the glad tears off my cheeks when I read this astounding–can we still be astounded by the Horror? Indeed, yes–transcription of a taped interview Maggie Haberman (I think it was Maggie) had with the Horror on Air Force One.

I’d cry bitter tears but my tear ducts don’t seem to work simultaneously with my jaw muscles. That is, when my mouth drops open and freezes in..I’m actually sitting here trying to come up with a word that expands “astonishment” into territories yet unknown…

What follows is the spontaneous, verbal eruptions from He who Harper’s Magazine calls “our current president.”

Source: Excerpts From Trump’s Conversation With Journalists on Air Force One – The New York Times

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