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Bad cop/more bad cop

From Harper’s Weekly Review: Secretive, gang-like police cliques have attempted to recruit 16 percent of sheriff’s deputies in Los Angeles, and documents released by the Brennan Center for Justice reveal that LAPD officers collect detainees’ Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook handles … Continue reading

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“The F.B.I.’s Black Phantom Menace”

Source: The F.B.I.’s Black Phantom Menace – The New York Times A scary essay from Andrew Rosenthal, New York Times, reawakens many suspicions I’ve had about the FBI for decades. I wrote “suspicions” but they were more than that: they … Continue reading

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SCOTUS and political gerrymandering

Source: Can the Supreme Court Fix American Politics? – The New York Times I know, I know, I’ve been sort of obsessed with this Wisconsin case for quite a while. Excited, scared, thinking, hoping that Kennedy stayed on the court … Continue reading

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