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Movements are afoot

For a while now I’ve been picking up on movements that have advanced from inchoate mutterings to full voice plans and plots. I’m liking this a lot. Aside from the already written vital legislation which got stopped, i.e., postponed, by … Continue reading

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Guns in my city? Oh yeah?

I will curse SCOTUS and especially Clarence Thomas for the rest of my life because of the vicious and mindless decision regarding New York’s long-time, sane gun restriction laws. But even before the decision came down (after Dobbs, as if … Continue reading

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Children of the Sadistic Six

Yesterday, my cousin Nancy brought up the six justices we’re doing big hates on right now. Nancy said she’s checked to find out whether these powerful people have children, because she’s wondering what on earth they’re thinking with these decisions … Continue reading

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