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How not to behave in court: another lesson from a celeb

I have previously dropped words into your ears about how foolishly celebrities can behave during legal procedures. But wow, celebs are really dumb! Damon Dash shows up late for trial, harasses reporters and shouts at judge – NY Daily News. … Continue reading

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Plaintiffs behaving foolishly 3

Back again to the New York Times piece about the songwriter who claimed a song was stolen from her, was right, and won her case. It occurs to me now that this plaintiff, who acted pro se [for herself, i.e., … Continue reading

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Communicating with your lawyer: stop calling!

I promised my lawyer I’d tell everybody this little story about the behavior of a particular client. This legal situation did not involve a lawsuit, which might cause a client to be a little frantic and crazy. This happened over … Continue reading

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