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I am not a subject. I am a citizen

I never considered the distinction between those two nouns until I read Blood and Ruins: The Last Imperial War, 1931-1945, by Richard Overy. In laying out every detail leading to and encompassing World War II, Overy tells us that the … Continue reading

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Charles Koch says…”Oops.”

What follows was the last item on the latest Harper’s Weekly Report: In a new book, the longtime GOP megadonor Charles Koch called for Americans to bridge political divides and expressed regret for the harmful effects of his partisanship. “Boy, … Continue reading

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“Escape From Freedom.” Starter excerpts

As I re-read Erich Fromm’s 1941 book, I see quotes that confirm my strong memories from 1965, when I first read it. When written, it was an analysis of why totalitarianism, primarily in the form of German and Italian fascism, … Continue reading

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