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My visit today with the Kvetch Page in the Daily News

Otherwise called the Voice of the People, the Daily News’s “letters to the editor” page. Every day I learn what, uh, views are out there — and I mean “out there.” I’ve determined it’s my solemn duty to share my … Continue reading

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A word or two about words, and walks, and getting older

About Joe Biden… But first about me, because I’m a pretty good exemplar of the things that gradually happen to us as age imposes itself. (I’m not citing diseases; they’re not necessarily age-related.) Maybe some arthritis. Initially, the changes are … Continue reading

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A thought about what’s going on in the House…

Because the Terrible Twenty, dopey chaos merchants all, are also, I believe, among those congresspeople who voted against certification of Joe Biden two years ago. A short while ago, the last voting round dropped the Twenty down to seven. I’m … Continue reading

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