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Let’s dig into what “concierge practice” medicine is offering

Although I’m never as pessimistic as my sister is, I agree entirely with her sharp comments about the current state of medicine. What provoked all this was a notice I received from my internist saying she was going exclusively into … Continue reading

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I lost my MD

Well, I didn’t really “lose” her. She lost me, i.e., I have been dumped. I am her ex-patient. (Ever so tempted to adapt the Monty Python dead parrot sketch here but will control myself, given the “dead” part.) Oh, I … Continue reading

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Intriguing Twitter exchanges among MDs

After the Alito news, once I was able to think again I started plotting an anti-SCOTUS revolution. Along with my amorphous ideas about court nullification, I began to think about physicians. I often think about physicians, usually for good reasons. … Continue reading

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