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Last week I voted. What happened?

Well, nothing. Except I voted. I have a feeling I’ve said much of this previously but it’s important so here I am, saying it again. Because I spend some time on Twitter (I don’t care what that crazy man calls … Continue reading

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Recall the 2016 “pedophilia ring” conspiracy? It was projection. And here’s evidence

Once upon a dreadful time, I became sickened by the obviously crazy accusations emerging from Trump World about how there was a massive pedophilia ring centered at a Washington, DC pizza parlor. I felt I’d tracked this lunacy back to … Continue reading

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The superlative wit of Paul Krugman

Yesterday in the Times, Paul Krugman discussed a Not-So-Great Replacement: Elon Musk’s ad hoc (and ad lib) name change from Twitter, a terrific name, to X, a huh? name. In the course of Krugman’s ruminations, he used a brand new … Continue reading

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