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The Talmudic lawsuit of the millennia: The Kosher Pizza Wars!

Source: In Brooklyn’s Kosher Pizza War, Modern Tastes Battle Ancient Law – The New York Times I’m sure my fervent plaintiff-readers have noticed I’ve been getting away from intriguing lawsuit news lately. Several reasons: my own seven-year, multiple lawsuit adventure … Continue reading

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Depositions: Must defendants be deposed?

A search string today: “I am a defendant. Why would my attorney schedule me for a deposition?” Answer: Whaaa? Real answer: because your attorney undoubtedly received a deposition subpoena from the plaintiff’s attorney requiring that you be deposed, and then … Continue reading

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Settlements: (1) general reflections

My lawsuit — the one that inspired this blog — settled. Perhaps granting the lawsuit its own dynamic, i.e., phrasing the settlement as if the lawsuit took care of it itself, sounds odd. But it isn’t. It’s accurate. I didn’t … Continue reading

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