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Finding a lawyer: one key method

Just after I posted a piece about the Thomson Reuters “Super Lawyers” list — with criticisms and a warning not to rely exclusively on such a list when you’re looking for a lawyer — I read “Investors’ Billion-Dollar Fraud Fighter,” … Continue reading

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Plaintiffs behaving foolishly 3

Back again to the New York Times piece about the songwriter who claimed a song was stolen from her, was right, and won her case. It occurs to me now that this plaintiff, who acted pro se [for herself, i.e., … Continue reading

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The Case of the Disappeared Plaintiff

I’m having the strangest experience. During the process of filing a grievance against my personal injury lawyers (the whole history is under the Sidelines category “Problems with your lawyer”), I demanded that Dinkes & Schwitzer — who claimed that my entire … Continue reading

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