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Thoughts about The Golden Calf. Et cetera.

Earlier today, I pulled my bible from the shelf and dusted it off, intending to use it as a reference for the Golden Calf episode in Exodus, for reasons everyone can certainly grasp. Indeed, as I write this, America’s Golden … Continue reading

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“Let there be light: and there was[n’t] light”?

I read what follows from 538 Significant Digits first in the Times, I believe, and thought, “WHAT???” A big piece of an entire continent went dark. How did this happen? Or, who did it? It’s some story. Tens of millions … Continue reading

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Kavanaugh and our future

I don’t know what’s going to happen in our fairly immediate future. So I was glad to see three opinion pieces in the Times this morning which cover the full variety of my feelings, thoughts and questions about this future. … Continue reading

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