Take a weird little break from the plague

With Harper’s Weekly Report:

…a woman in Florida found a severed human head on the side of the road while jogging; and authorities in France said that they are investigating claims that people who had donated their bodies to science were left to rot and be eaten by rats.

Or maybe not:

Elon Musk, who recently tweeted that false-positive COVID-19 test results were the cause of rising infection rates and decreasing deaths and hospitalizations, said that his new brain-computer chip startup could be used to help cure addiction and depression.

Or maybe yes:

An oil and gas executive in Colorado pulled a gun on a couple for accidentally turning onto his driveway; later, after denying the incident had taken place, police officers showed him photographs of him holding the gun; and the executive then claimed that painkillers had caused a lapse in his memory. In Louisiana, the pastor Lloyd Plumbar said that the state’s cockfighting ban violated the constitutional right to religious freedom. Two restaurant employees in Ohio were fired after a couple complained that the pepperoni on their pizza was arranged in the shape of a swastika; four employees at a Jimmy John’s shop were fired after they were caught distributing a video of themselves making a noose out of bread dough…

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