“Teacher Pleads No Contest to Toilet-Shooting Charge”

I so needed Kevin Underhill and his Lowering the Bar today and did he ever deliver!

This little tale is about how a teacher took her perfectly licensed gun into the faculty toilet when she needed to eliminate.

What she eliminated was … the toilet! Yep, she shot the toilet. Dead. Used hollow-point bullets, splattered toilet all over the bathroom.

I could go on and on. There’s a lot that’s shocking about this story but while you’re being shocked, you’ll fall on the floor laughing: Teacher Pleads No Contest to Toilet-Shooting Charge – Lowering the Bar.

Here’s a taste:

Yes, the story is “kind of funny,” the prosecutor admitted, but “it is also serious.” He was referring to the September 11 incident in which an elementary-school teacher ended the life of a school toilet with her 9mm handgun. He was right both times, but more right the first time.

Under Utah law, it was perfectly legal for the teacher to have a handgun at school. While the law prohibits firearms on school premises (actually, it says “on or about” and then defines that to mean “on,” which is ridiculous but let’s proceed), that doesn’t apply if the person has a concealed-weapon permit or the school administrator approves. The teacher had a permit, so no problem. I assume hollow-point bullets are also legal there, because that’s what her gun was loaded with, but I haven’t checked that.

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