Teacher Tenure Ruling in California

Not a very long time ago I waved a warning flag about this wretchedly twisted lawsuit.

Now that I’ve read about the judge’s decision − Teacher Tenure Ruling in California Is Expected to Intensify Debate – NYTimes.com. − I’m further appalled. It does not do much to my long-standing lack of appreciation for the intellectual rigor of California judges. And I’m being exquisitely polite there. I mean, do the hammering traumas caused by earthquakes, sunstroke, fires and drought do something to the California judicial brain?

Suffice it to say I don’t get this decision and believe, even given the yelling and screaming in rage or ecstasy, it will not stand. What does public school teacher tenure have to do with the quality of teaching in underprivileged neighborhood schools? And how can tenure be called “unconstitutional?” Unlike teacher tenure, tenure that is irrevocable and life-time is awarded to federal court judges − but of course you knew that and maybe this judge, who doesn’t sit in federal court, is jealous but OK, I know I’m reaching way too far out there.

The decision smells as if it was politically purchased. I’m grateful to the Times for being the only newspaper in NYC that has repeatedly pointed out that this expensively prosecuted lawsuit, purported to be on behalf of nine poor plaintiffs − how brave they were! what a great victory they won! − was initiated, paid for and actually won not by the plaintiffs but by a Silicon Valley Big Money guy who has deemed, from his high perch sitting on all that money, he knows best about public school education.

Did he go to public schools? Do his kids?

But never mind about whether he’s knowledgeable (nah) or an ignoramus (fer sure): he’s very rich, this David Welch, and can afford to hire Ted Olson and David Boies, once the heroes of the gay marriage movement, to prosecute and persecute teachers’ unions. Which should go a long way toward convincing everyone not to worship lawyers for clients they represent. Olson and Boies are very pricey hired hands.

What a waste of time and money this lawsuit was.

UPDATE 6/13/14. So here I was praising the NYT over their reporting on this California decision when, to my considerable surprise, I read yesterday’s editorial supporting the decision, even praising it: In California, a Judge Takes On Teacher Tenure – NYTimes.com.

I disagree. Passionately.

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