“Ten Things You Should Know About…” someone I’ve never heard of

Yes, I’ve been watching weird little videos on Facebook because it’s something to do and when it goes well, I get a bunch of baby animals.

Somehow Facebook’s Magic Algorithms have determined I’m deeply interested in dead movie stars, now that they seem to have run out of ice dancing videos. Instead, somebody has produced a bunch of videos with the above title and shoved them onto my whatever it’s called. Page? Feed?

They do not replace ice dancing.

I didn’t mind when the stars were known to me. I mean, how many minutes did it take me to watch “Ten Things I Absolutely Had To Know About” Robert Mitchum? I liked Robert Mitchum a lot. I liked some of the other ones, too. BTW, a lot of very famous actor people were born in New York City and started their careers on the New York stage. Thought you’d like to know.

But for the past several days, I’m getting people I have never heard of — people who are having their 113th birthdays yesterday or today. Happy Birthday, Unknown Dead Person! So I’m not sticking around to learn those ten things. One thing was enough: I don’t know who this is.

Does it mean that these people I’ve never heard of are legends? My grievances about “legend” apparently know no bounds. I swear, if Dawn Wells shows up in that Ten Things series, I’m going to have a colossal temper tantrum.

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