TGI Friday’s has been sued: maybe you’ll be surprised why. Or not.

A tantalizing tidbit from today’s New York Law Journal:

T.G.I. Friday’s Sued Over Cost of Drinks

T.G.I. Friday’s Inc. and its parent companies are facing a class action for allegedly misleading customers on the price of drinks…

Which I can expand upon with this link from “Eater” (whatever that is): Lawsuit Alleges TGI Friday’s Used ‘Menu Engineering’ to Overcharge Diners for Drinks – Eater.

But that’s not all. T.G.I. Friday’s paid a fine for replacing expensive booze with cheap stuff: TGI Fridays in NJ fined $500K for switching top shelf booze with cheap liquor – NY Daily News.(Which reminds me of a long-ago New York Magazine Bloody Mary investigation of various popular eateries and bars in NYC, in which the undercover drinker-investigators surreptitiously took Bloody Mary samples from the bars and brought them to a chemist who tested the samples to establish how much actual vodka was in them. Of all the restaurants, Maxwell’s Plum showed the most chutzpah: their Bloody Marys contained no vodka whatsoever.)

But that’s not all, either: TGI Friday’s Settles Waiter Lawsuit for $2.8 Million Dollars |

No, I’m not going to quip that after all this exhaustive research I need a drink. It’s only 12:10 p.m. Besides, I prefer Virgin Mary’s. Which, if you think about that for a nanosecond, is what I’d be getting if I ordered a Bloody Mary once upon a time at Maxwell’s Plum. Which is no longer in business anyway.


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