That god problem: “Iowa governor signs proclamation putting state’s trust in God”

What more can I say than was said by Why Evolution Is True: Iowa governor signs proclamation putting state’s trust in God « Why Evolution Is True.

Well, one more thing to say: why don’t we just forgo government and let god work it all out?

Oh and another thing to say: this will become a First Amendment lawsuit.

Do legislators understand that when they enact egregiously unconstitutional laws or proclamations, there will be lawsuits? Sure they do. But hey don’t the people who elected them understand who will pay for defending in court these crazy acts? They will. Taxpayers will. These laws are stripping states of their treasuries, money that could be used for, oh, say, a couple of other things. Non-political things like rebuilding roads and bridges. Stuff that governments are supposed to be taking care of, for the good of all of us, not just for the good of god.

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