That ole Second Amendment and your machete

From Kevin Underhill’s Lowering the Bar:

Does the Second Amendment guarantee the right to answer your front door with a machete? In New Jersey it does.

Mr. Underhill got this tidbit about my neighboring state–where a bunch of beloved family members live, albeit without sharp weaponry other than kitchen knives (or so I hope)–from the Volokh Conspiracy, with whose “libertarian” supporters I apparently have entered a battle over Nancy MacLean’s deeply researched and convincingly alarming Democracy in Chains.

But later on that. For now, let us contemplate the Second Amendment. Let us contemplate serious gun control. Let us contemplate outgoing NJ governor Chris Christie. Let us contemplate all of the above and machetes. You can do it, you can hold all of those items in your mind at the same time.

Let us stop now.

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