The all-time worst broken foot lawsuit

Sidebar gets numerous search strings about “broken foot” lawsuits. This is the worst broken foot story I — whose fifth metatarsal broke on a segment of bad sidewalk — have ever read:

It was a stunt that Daniel Curry had performed many times before in the Broadway musical “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark”: Plant himself firmly on a hydraulic lift in the pit beneath the stage, then remain steady as he rose a dozen feet to emerge for the start of Act II.

But on the night of Aug. 15, something went wrong. Mr. Curry, giving his first interview since that performance, said he felt the lift moving as usual as the “Spider-Man” score swelled. He couldn’t see, though that was normal, too, because he wore a blindfold, and the stage was dark. Then, in a split second, something solid pressed down against his right foot, then crushed it. His foot had become trapped between the lift and the stage.

You will cringe more than once when you read the whole story. But you will not cringe cynically because Daniel Curry is suing. If there was ever a “great” lawsuit (and I know I’ve mentioned that to lawyers a “great” personal injury lawsuit is one in which the client is brain-dead), this is it. My heart goes out to Daniel Curry who will never dance again.

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