The American war on women: the essence

You’ve heard about the GOP’s position on women, right?

  • No abortions, ever. (They’re taking this a step at a time; right now the step is “no abortions after 20 weeks or the doctor is guilty if a crime and will be prosecuted.”)
  • No mandated contraception coverage.

Source: Out of Control on Contraception – The New York Times

From the inimitable Gail Collins:

This week in the world of Washington and sex:

— The House of Representatives passed a bill banning late-term abortions.

— One of the co-sponsors announced he was resigning from office after word came out that he had urged his lover to have an abortion.

— The anti-abortion Trump administration announced it was going to let employers off the hook if they didn’t want to cover contraception in their employee health programs.

Is anything wrong with this picture?

Go on. Read the whole column. You know you want to.

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