The Be Glad You’re Not As Rich as Rihanna lawsuit

How naive I have been! All along I assumed that “Rihanna” was Rihanna’s real name. But no. Her real name, and it’s a nice name, is Robyn Fenty.

But that’s beside the point. Point: Rihanna sued her ex-accountants because “their unwise recommendations led her to squander $9 million in 2009.”

Does this mean she squandered $10 million in 2010, and $11 million in — oh never mind.

Still, we should all celebrate that we don’t have enough money to do whatever Rihanna did or didn’t do with hers.

Oh, and the accountants had a snarky comeback: “Peter Gounis [one of the accountants] did not leave the tour to go act in a movie, Fenty did,” read a document filed in Manhattan Federal Court.

Do you need me to tell you again how to get into the actual case file in “Manhattan Federal Court,” the right name of which is United States District Court for the Southern District of New York? Well, tough; I’m not doing that again.


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