The Botox-for-Sex complaint (to the EEOC, no less)

Yes, it’s that Botox-for-sex time of year. (I made that up, just because, just because.)

But hey “A pervy doctor showed off pictures of his patients’ privates and traded Botox treatments for sex, a former employee claims,” is how Dareh Gregorian starts off her story in the Daily News.

I don’t know what’s worse, Botox or the concept of trading painful shots for sex with George Shapiro, MD. Who used to “improperly” give out Viagra and Cialis and plead guilty and paid a fine.

I’d rather get a tattoo in a Lower East Side dive.

And that’s all you’re getting from me. You’ll have to do the rest of this hard labor yourself. Here’s the link, so get to work! EXCLUSIVE: Ex-worker accuses doctor of trading Botox for sex and showing her photos of patients’ private parts – NY Daily News.

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