The “bruising battle” goes on. Ergo, so will I

I’m listening at the moment to MSNBC’s inexplicable non-stop coverage of…the New Hampshire GOP primary. The “bruising battle” in New Hampshire.

If Iowa does not have much to do with determining who will be president in 2025, how could New Hampshire? The state has slightly over one million registered voters, 303,000 of which are Democrats, 298,000 Republicans and nearly 400,000 independents.

From the multiple interviews MSNBC is doing with some of these people, I gather most of them are stunningly ignorant of the major issues for this country, for this world. (“I’m proud to say I voted for Trump,” came out of the mouth of one woman, just as I was typing this.)

The only numbers I’m interested in hearing are the final vote numbers, because of what happened in Iowa. In short, only a minimal number of Iowans showed up to vote. The vast majority of Iowan registered voters did not bother to vote. The only way to interpret this is: they did not care.

A bright red state, perennially politically active, did not appear for a primary involving only bright red politicians.

If this is what actually, really, factually just happened in Republican Iowa, if Iowa is regularly regarded as a suggestion of what will happen in the rest of the country, will the same minimum numbers show up for the GOP primaries in other red states? Will New Hampshire’s Republican votes confirm this movement toward GOP irrelevancy and indifference?

If so, the Republican Party is showing itself as a dying entity. And no number of usually intelligent journalists, with their endless focus on our politics, endless hours reporting on not much of any comparative significance, will change my perception.

Cease your constant yammering, my valued pals. Just give me the actual numbers. We’ll take it from there.

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