The Catholic god problem and its war against women

Here’s the sort of profound concern Catholic women get from their church:

Source: Woman with brain tumors refused life-saving tubal ligation at Catholic hospitals « Why Evolution Is True

Here’s how Jerry Coyne begins this nauseating report:

Woman with brain tumors refused life-saving tubal ligation at Catholic hospitals

At the time of Pope Francis’s visit to the U.S., during which he’ll undoubtedly be acclaimed for his liberality and care for the poor, let us remember that his church still officially refuses to give women their reproductive rights, including contraception. Here’s a particularly noxious case from Genesys Regional Medical Center, a Catholic hospital in Genesee County, Michigan. What they’re trying to do to Jessica Mann is apparently legal, but also both ethically dubious and medically dangerous.

As reported by The Humanist and the Washington Post, Mann has brain tumors (apparently not malignant), is pregnant with her third child, and needs both a Caesarian section and a tubal ligation, the latter recommended by doctors since a further pregnancy would endanger her life. It’s best if both procedures were performed in one operation, but the hospital, while willing do to the Caesarian, refuses to do the ligation, as it’s as an un-Catholic form of birth control. Her only option is to have the procedure done at another hospital or have two procedures, with the ligation done at a non-Catholic hospital. The first option is viable, but Mann’s doctors are at Genesys, and the hospital changed its policy, forbidding tubal ligations only after Mann was already in treatment. The second option endangers her life.

You can read more at the link, above. Does it make you as crazy angry as it does me?


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