The Chobani divorce re-appears

Gee, I genuinely believed that my little news item about the divorce between Chobani’s founder and his ex-wife would be It. The End.

Silly me. It’s yet another reason not to wish for wealth: divorces get nasty and continue eternally when there’s money. The Daily News’ hard copy headline is, “Pair go bashy over Chobani,” and there are a couple of nice little puns. See if you can count them:

A fight over a popular Greek yoghurt has turned tart.

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Chobani Greek yogurt founder Hamdi Ulukaya says his ex-wife is a fraud who’s trying to claim credit for his company’s success – and she says he’s a phony who got the company’s yogurt recipe by paying off a rival.

Ulukaya says his ex is just sour because she missed out on his success.

“Because plaintiff cannot win on the merits of her claims, she has fabricated any number of fantastical and completely baseless allegations,” Ulukaya’s filings say, including ex-wife Ayse Giray’s claim of being a part owner of Chobani.

Giray filed toe-curdling papers on Thursday charging that Ulukaya’s success is “based upon a recipe he stole from a competitor.

You’ll probably want to read the whole story, won’t you?

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