The Courts and electronic case filing.

From the Friday, July 8 New York Times, a nice article by William Glaberson (who’s a lawyer and an award-winning reporter) on the Dickensian aspects of New York State Supreme Court’s previous filing system — with a delightful photo that brings back memories of digging up records in that courthouse — and its new electronic system, which I have used with great success in doing research for Sidebar, as well as other matters.

In fact, soon and frequently I’ll be explaining why and how to use ‘E-Court.’ Here’s the prelude: At State Supreme Court in Manhattan, Visions of Paperless Future –

By the way, a few years ago Glaberson did a series of startling Times articles on justice and judges in New York upstate courts. Or rather, “justice,” “judges” and “upstate courts.” If you want to know how crazy a provincial justice system can get — and if you don’t mind considering yourself an elitist — do read it.

I believe Glaberson’s investigations did subsequently cause changes to be brought to upstate courts. More than that you cannot say about a investigative reporter.

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