The deep state of gun insanity

You may not have read the news about a big party “celebrating life” at what the Daily News called a “mansion” in New Jersey. Fairfield Township, to be precise, in the deep south of the state.

Part of the life celebration seemed to have included guns and the firing of them.

The article spread across two pages. As I got to the end of the first page, I read a comment from a distressed family member of one of the guys who was killed in the gunfire.

This is what I read:

One of those killed was partygoer Kevin Elliot, 30, whose violent death horrified his family, his cousin Eric Elliot, 38, told the Daily News.

“It’s devastating to hear something like that. I would have never expected for someone like him to get shot,” the cousin said. “But what can you expect when…

That was the end of the page; my brain completed the sentence: “…people bring guns to a party?”


Wrong. On the following page Eric Elliot finished his comment: …” you have a party with hundreds of people?”


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