The Facts of Life: do you feel confident you can identify them?

If so, you’re only one American out of 27 percent who do. From 538 Significant Digits:

27 percent

Percentage of Americans who said they were very confident that they were capable of telling if a news source was reporting factual news rather than opinion. That is way too low for comfort. [Knight Foundation]

I’d so like to believe that at least some of those 27 percent learned how to get the facts of life from a news source by reading my series, The Facts of Life, which begins with my introduction and goes on to How I Learned the Facts of Life: Shame, and continues with:

How I Learned the Facts of Life (reading newspapers)

How I Learned the Facts of Life: Professor George Young

Malcolm Forbes and the Game of Telephone

There’s more, too. Search on The Facts of Life and ye shall find.


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