The Facts of Life: Home renovation advice

A couple of years ago when I was about to move into my new apartment, I did what every human being does: renovate.

This place needed renovation for a whole number of reasons–one of which concerned the electrical system. Aside from the antique–and non-code–fuse box, the wiring within the walls was so shot, when I looked at it, I felt myself paling. The wires had been stripped of all insulation, or maybe mice ate it.

In any case, I ordered a whole new system.

And of course tons of new outlets. A lot of them quads. Because an apartment that hadn’t been touched in more than 20 years was not going to accommodate the explosion in equipment requiring electrical power.

So here’s the tip: whatever you determine will be adequate outlets will not be adequate.

Have your electrician put outlets in every couple of feet. Everywhere. Everywhere you can stick an outlet, stick it. You will need them. I do. I need around three more than I have.

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