The facts of life: New York Times readers’ comments, con’t

I can’t claim prescience, but I did post this yesterday on how to interpret readers’ comments attached to New York Times articles.

And today, the Times, in its delightful daily feature called “Inside the Times: The Story Behind the Story” (you’d have to search for it in the online edition; the hard copy runs it on page 2), tells us all about comments–who at the Times reviews them before publishing (they call the comment review staff the “community” section) the criteria they apply to confirm or deny publication, etc.

For those of you who think you can get all the news by reading on line (you can’t, not easily), the link is below. And notice that this article acquired…comments–and criticism! From people I’ve read often before whose modus vivendi seems to be the Daily Kvetch. None of ’em in this comment section, though, seems to be a Russian troll.

Source: Keeping The Times Civil, 16 Million Comments and Counting – The New York Times

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