The Facts of Life: NY Times ignored Reid’s comments on Russia

How to get the facts of life out of a newspaper story. But what if all the facts are not published in that newspaper story?

This is what a guy named Adam Jentleson, cited as a spokesman for Harry Reid, accuses the Times of doing.

“He [Harry Reid] said things contrary to the story. NYT discarded the interview.”

Source: Spokesman: NY Times ignored Reid’s comments in pre-election story on Russia | TheHill

Spokesman: NY Times ignored Reid's comments in pre-election story on Russia
© Greg Nash

A spokesman for Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Saturday blasted the New York Times for publishing a story before the election downplaying Donald Trump‘s links to Russia without using quotes from Reid that challenged the story.

Adam Jentleson tweeted a link to an Oct. 31 Times article headlined “Investigating Donald Trump, F.B.I. Sees No Clear Link to Russia.”

“I’ll say it: NYT interviewed Reid for this story. He said things contrary to the story. NYT discarded the interview,” he added.

“Maybe some want to know why the NYT seemed to cover for Comey’s FBI? Maybe even some at the NYT? Maybe not? I’m just asking questions,” Jentleson added later.

I want to hear from the New York Times on this. While I’m uneasy about the inflammatory comments in the last paragraph–suggesting the Times is conspiring with Comey seems over the top to me, although I’m certain the Times’s coverage of Hillary was relentlessly unbalanced and damaging–I’d love to be in the conference room when the Times’ editors decide whether or how they’ll respond to this accusation.

Of course, we’ll have to see whether The Hill story passes Professor George Young’s Rule.

Every day the horror gets more horrible. Isn’t there a ceiling to horror?

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