The Facts of Life: “Truth and Lies in the Age of Trump”

The New York Times primary editorial today is excellent, an analysis–not a continuing mea culpa, I’m glad to say–of what the news media are up against and must do to confront the Trump horror we all are facing.

Nowadays, it’s my habit to spend time with the comments, as well as the editorials. I like to read how people like me are reacting to various opinions. There are some really good and intelligent comments today–cheers for the Times, as well as specific and pointed criticism for its campaign coverage and a definitive kill shot to “fair and balanced” news coverage.

The president-elect is exploiting not just Twitter, but the decline of Americans’ shared view of reality.

Source: Truth and Lies in the Age of Trump – The New York Times

Here’s how the editorial ends:

Without a Walter Cronkite to guide them, how can Americans find the path back to a culture of commonly accepted facts, the building blocks of democracy? A president and other politicians who care about the truth could certainly help them along. In the absence of leaders like that, media organizations that report fact without regard for partisanship, and citizens who think for themselves, will need to light the way.

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