The Facts of Life: what lies and falsehoods did Bill Barr deliver yesterday?

So glad the New York Times has this regular Fact Check feature compiled and written by Linda Qiu. 

I like to compare my reactions during such hearings to the evidence, like to know when my sense someone has lied is validated. Or not. And when I’m not sure whether something is an out-and-out lie or “just” misleading.

Ms. Qiu calmly got Barr on all of the above types of sleaze. The one that enraged me the most was Barr talking about police shootings of Blacks and whites. And she also had this exchange:

When Representative Cedric L. Richmond, Democrat of Louisiana, took issue with Mr. Barr’s presentation of the data, Mr. Barr responded, “You have to adjust it by, you know, the race of the criminal.” But some research has shown that even when controlling for the demographics of those arrested, there are still racial disparities in the use of police force.

Congressman Richmond is Black and was absolutely correct to take issue. And what was Barr’s response? “You have to adjust it by, you know, the race of the criminal”!?!?!?! Do I have to list the number of Black people who were not criminals, yet were killed by cops? Barr’s ugly, smoothly delivered slander infuriated me then and now.

What a horrible excuse for a person!

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